Fostering Positive Change

We aim to construct an environment with others to support the ongoing positive change underway for LGBTQIAF people in Ireland. We commit to continue exploring and critically inquiring with others to identify and develop creative approaches to foster psychological wellbeing for individuals, couples and families who live in our rural communities. To achieve this Bronntanas will be:
  • Convening a community of practitioners who are committed to developing an ecological, embodied and dialogical approach to psychological well-being through a democratic process where diversity is encouraged
  • Developing a network of LGBTQIAF affirmative psychotherapists/counsellors who can offer psychological care for LGBTQIAF persons or those who are questioning their heteronormative lives
  • Seeking to raise and generate funds to ensure increased accessibility to psychotherapy for individuals who need economical support 
  • Offering clinical supervision to psychotherapists/counselors/social workers/health professionals who are working with this client group 
  • Actively building relationships with local mental health and GP services so that referrals can be made whilst maintaining confidentiality 
  • Creating training and continuing professional development workshops for clinicians and those seeking to understand LGBTQIAF people’s experiences
  • Developing a qualitative, participatory research programme to enhance our understanding of LGBTQIAF psychotherapeutic informed interventions that are effective for those living in more rural communities 
  • Building relationships with LGBTQIAF advocacy organisations to support their ongoing work and to build awareness of Bronntanas’s psychotherapeutic services
  • Liaising with psychotherapy training institutes in Ireland to foster awareness of our service provision and to solicit support for delivery.